Although I was vulnerable in his presence; But his absence, his absence ripped my heart. I fought against my own thoughts every day. And then, When he was gone, everything changed; There was nothing of me left inside of me. I was the dead yet waiting to die. Maybe it was only then, I … More Late


They say everything has a price but she was priceless, even fortune of whole world will never stand equal to her love. You can buy everything with money, and with power you can make the universe kneel on your feet, but you can do nothing to make a woman love you unless she wants it … More She


Time imposed the limitations And our fate didn’t allow More we tried to come closer More our world’s fall out I am not proud of the situations we’re in today Yet, I intend to keep those promises we made For all I know that being with you was beautiful Magical it was but it’s over … More Over


If you want to go, no matter how much I love you, I won’t stop you. I can’t ask you to love me. All I can do is to do what I’ve been doing since the first day I saw you. Don’t worry, I don’t expect anything from you. I never did, it’s just that … More Wait


Wish you were not the person I fell in love with Wish ‘love hurts’ was only a myth And now every cell inside of me wants to be with you But here you are, in this picture A person I wish I never knew.


  For all you did to me I want to hate all of you, But I can’t stop loving you. For all you did to me I want to hear your mortified cries, But I can’t see tears in those pretty eyes. For all you did to me I don’t want to see you, But … More Closure

A Story

This is not a fairytale There is neither a genie nor a lamp But this is a story of a man Who could make three wishes whenever he wanted. One day sitting in his garden Watching autumn ruling the world He thought why to live this colourless life So he asked for somebody whom he … More A Story

Love full of lies

Don’t know why how hard I try I can’t keep you off my mind Every time I close my eyes, this heart reminds You’re the reason I can’t survive. You follow me into my lands of dreams And show me that you’ll love me till end You left ‘cause staying is what you never intend … More Love full of lies


  Do you ever feel alone? Or feel like you have no one to talk to. You fight your battles alone, Alone you stare at your success, And you’re your own shoulders, when you fail.   Do you ever feel alone? Or someone who is lost in this fast-moving world. You started with everyone else, … More Alone