Someone is digging up my head

I want to talk but I don’t know what it is to be said

‘Cause he is hitting me with shovel; I can’t think

This is me, calling out for help; it’s paining and I don’t want to shrink.


He’ll drag me to this hell, my head, and he won’t let me go

Restraining my thoughts to siege my words, for me to know

That I’ve to fear and my end is near since I’m hanging by a thread

‘Cause there’ll be no one to talk when he’ll bury me in my head.


I am calling for help but I don’t know what is to be said

Help me because I can’t fight this someone who’s digging up my head.


Way out of Labyrinth


It lay right in front of her,

She felt the boniness of skull; cracked open, under her trembling fingers.

The heart still trying to breathe; pounding,

Blood sputtering and then it hushed; calm.

Standing in the pool of blood; her innocently malevolent eyes wavered around

Terrified; Amazed; Victorious: Relieved.

A job is done, perfectly.

A life ended, instantly.

But different pieces of her shattered body

Scattered, disorganized on the black tar asked – “Why?”

She admired the mess she had made of them and smiled; scorned,

“I found an easy way,” she said, “An easy way to end this suffering. Fast.”

Dear Mom

You’re my Wonder Woman.

No matter how many times I fall,

With you by my side, I’ll rise again.

I wield the courage glowing in your fierce heart,

I swim in the light of your beautiful eyes, and when I get tired,

I sleep under the shades of your dark hairs.

I am, because you’re.

You’re the life rejoicing in me.




I smiled today;

When I saw her laughing.

This sadness in my soul started to fade;

When I saw her walking,

Walking in my life.

I heard her steps knocking down the wall,

The wall I built around my heart, brick by brick.

Heart once dead started to breathe again,

When I saw her laughing;

I smiled today.

Lamentations of The Paramount

I look at myself and wonder,

How beautifully you’ve destroyed me.

My eyes, once filled with pride and defiance, now

Don’t even have the courage to look someone in the eyes.

With spirit of lion, I once ruled the jungle, now

I can’t even find my way back to the den.


And I look at you, amused, wondering

How proudly you’ve set me on the road to destruction.

Arrogantly chopping my hands and poisoning my breath

You thought that you can survive on me by mutilating me.

For now, you have forgotten me, but time will come,

When others will remember that

I am the mountains they climb to overcome their fears

I am the horizon who challenges their reach

I am the ocean they wet their feet with

I am the real friend they all seek


They’ve been choking me; they’ll realize that

To survive they have to keep me alive

And then my friend, I will be born again

Not rejuvenated but somehow revived.



What happens if I say, I love you? Will it change anything? Maybe it will or maybe it won’t, But what it can’t do is, to Add or remove Anything from “I love you.”