Just a part – a poem


I am not a passerby

Who, if not let in, will find a new destination

I am not a splenetic

Who will swing swords in retaliation

My whole world is on fire

But it is a treat

‘cause it shows me path

To make my life complete

I’ve been waiting and I will wait

For that awaited perfect start

These extreme seasons of unrequited love

Will pass with hope

Hope of sharing my life with your life

If not complete then

Just a part.


You Know?


You know?
Each passing moment feels like a terrible long hour.
Long hours full of melancholy
Looks like I’ve everything I need
I gaze at blissful happiness wherever I see
Still feels like something is missing
Something is missing from me.

You know??
I endure in this silence
I hear laughs from the other side of walls
I see walls which are happier than me.
I see winds dancing on the streets, while
The air inside my room mourns at me.
I see candles struggling for their existence
But why can’t I?
I see darkness hovering my soul
But why can’t see the lights??
I gaze at blissful happiness everywhere apart from me
This feeling it not at all new.
I feel like something is missing from me
And I know, it’s you.

For the first time


Take your love

And fill it in your teddy bear

Cause I’m done with you

And I don’t want you anywhere near

No more lies

And baby we’re going to fight no more.

Say no sorry

‘Cause girl it won’t matter anymore

No promise, I know you won’t change

Darling treachery has no cure

I won’t stop you from going

‘Cause love, I want you to disappear.

Cause I’m done with you

And for the first time, it’s clear

Your pretty face

Your innocent eyes

Your perfect smile

Behind which you hide

A list of million things

To make me fall in love

In love with you

Once again.