Back stabbed


A dirk in your heart

Venom in your mind

You can’t even regret when you are

Killed by your own kind


Which you have in them


Which is their weapon against you


Which you have on them more than yourself


Breaking it, for them is nothing new

A dagger in your chest

Spleen in your sanity

You will be left hating yourself

Amazed on their insanity

Drenched in your own blood

Stabbed by your own

You will too stand crying near your corpse

Like I stood near my body.


Every time – a poem



Every time

I wake up, I have this big smile on my face,

Just like a heart filled with new hopes.

Every time

 I think of you makes me wonder,

That when was the last time you escaped from my thoughts.?

Every time

 I talk to you, calms me down.

Like all my worries somehow got vanished as if they were never there.

Every time

 I see you, makes me serene,

Like my wait is finally over.

Every time

 I see you laughing makes me question myself,

Is there possibly anything prettier than that?


Then everything changes.

No smiles, no laughs, and no late night chats.

Was that really there or was that just a decoy dream?

This question never leaves my head.

Convincing myself that everything’s going to be the way they were, perfect.

Half-heartedly closing my eyes to sleep hoping, that

 I wake up realizing that it was all just a dream and,

 things are still the same.

But instead, day by day, slowly slowly,

Hopes that once cheered me up are dying.

Leaving me empty


Every time

Tomorrow – a poem




I will be happy,

As a flower will kiss its water,

There will be a fragrance of relief and pleasure.


My eyes will close

 Upon those eyes so eager,

But now shy trying to figure what has been missed for a while.


Maybe I will feel

What’s thirst to a thirsty,

Or what it takes be crude and real.

I don’t promise you anything ‘but’ my heart,

Tomorrow will be lovely

Tomorrow will be pleasant

Tomorrow will have moments shining brightly

Or it may be an epic to write.

Goodbye- a poem

You were all my madness,

My hunger, my love and

All my youth

And now we are standing here bidding farewell

And we won’t meet again

And that is the truth

So let’s stop for a moment

And just do not pretend

Because I know you are not going to return

And this is the end

You say you don’t want to hurt me

But how do I believe

Isn’t it going to hurt me

The way you are going to leave