Every time – a poem



Every time

I wake up, I have this big smile on my face,

Just like a heart filled with new hopes.

Every time

 I think of you makes me wonder,

That when was the last time you escaped from my thoughts.?

Every time

 I talk to you, calms me down.

Like all my worries somehow got vanished as if they were never there.

Every time

 I see you, makes me serene,

Like my wait is finally over.

Every time

 I see you laughing makes me question myself,

Is there possibly anything prettier than that?


Then everything changes.

No smiles, no laughs, and no late night chats.

Was that really there or was that just a decoy dream?

This question never leaves my head.

Convincing myself that everything’s going to be the way they were, perfect.

Half-heartedly closing my eyes to sleep hoping, that

 I wake up realizing that it was all just a dream and,

 things are still the same.

But instead, day by day, slowly slowly,

Hopes that once cheered me up are dying.

Leaving me empty


Every time

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