I am sorry that we fought over the phone

And darling I should not have talked in that tone

But give me a chance

To make all things go right again

Don’t be mad at me ‘cause I’m just a stupid boy

What we have is real and I don’t want to it get destroyed

I know it was stupid what I did, so

Just talk to me and let me explain

Let me say that,

I’m in love with your bright brown bewitching eyes,

Your tangled dark hairs, your crimson lips.

Them? I can’t resist, they give me butterflies.

I can feel you in here even when you’re not at home,

Your heavenly touch and aroma of your cologne.

Let me say that,

It’s not hard to tell what I feel for you,

It’s just I can’t exactly explain how I feel for you.

If I say I don’t want to lose you, I mean it because,

I don’t know what this world will do without you,

But the world for me is only you.


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