A Story


This is not a fairytale

There is neither a genie nor a lamp

But this is a story of a man

Who could make three wishes whenever he wanted.

One day sitting in his garden

Watching autumn ruling the world

He thought why to live this colourless life

So he asked for somebody whom he can love

When he walked out that evening

He saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen

His heart jumped and eyes shined like stars

He knew his first wish was granted.

He followed and followed her for many days.

He was so in love but the woman didn’t know of it

So he asked to make her fall in love with him

Next day they were sitting in a coffee shop

Talking and smiling

Walking back to home when she held his arms

He knew his second wish was granted.

They were in love and he didn’t want this feeling to end

So he asked that let our love last more than our lives

Let us be in love forever, they were happy together, more than ever

But then reality kicked in

They fought against society, against all the odds, but lost

He asked for another wish that let them stay together

Only to realize that he is out of his wishes

Years passed, season changed and again he was sitting in his garden

He was breathing but he was not alive

He could feel nothing but his undying love for her, and

He knew his third wish was granted.


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