Lamentations of The Paramount

I look at myself and wonder, How beautifully you’ve destroyed me. My eyes, once filled with pride and defiance, now Don’t even have the courage to look someone in the eyes. With spirit of lion, I once ruled the jungle, now I can’t even find my way back to the den.   And I look … Continue reading Lamentations of The Paramount


Cigarettes and Chocolates

Come save me, please It’s dark here and cold too; I’m afraid of What this silence can do. Chocolates? Oh, I’ll never ask for them again, and I’ll never cry for cartoons while you’re watching your football game. I’ll stop crying; I’ll be strong, I can bring your cigarettes now; I won’t be gone long. … Continue reading Cigarettes and Chocolates

White Lilies

Cupid and Romeo

“Sarah weds Paul”

It was written on a heart-shaped spectacular display placed just in front of the main entrance. I looked around readjusting the flower bouquet I bought for Sarah caressing her favourite white lilies which I placed myself in between the bunch of lavender roses. I am not so used to these kind of parties and right now I feel like I don’t belong here, but the fact is I could’ve been anywhere in this world but I am here. I see happy faces wandering around food stalls and tasting everything they could, filling the stomach which they wisely covered under their well sophisticated suits. I see blabbering mouth talking everything nonsense from how they decided to pick this particular dress to wear for this occasion to how they are going to spend their summers this year.

Every time I breathe my mind says ‘man, collect you shit and…

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