White Lilies

Originally posted on Cupid and Romeo:
? “Sarah weds Paul” It was written on a heart-shaped spectacular display placed just in front of the main entrance. I looked around readjusting the flower bouquet I bought for Sarah caressing her favourite white lilies which I placed…


  Although I was vulnerable in his presence; But his absence, his absence ripped my heart. I fought against my own thoughts every day. And then, When he was gone, everything changed; There was nothing of me left inside of me. I was the dead … Continue reading Late


They say everything has a price but she was priceless, even fortune of whole world will never stand equal to her love. You can buy everything with money, and with power you can make the universe kneel on your feet, but you can do nothing … Continue reading She


Wish you were not the person I fell in love with Wish ‘love hurts’ was only a myth And now every cell inside of me wants to be with you But here you are, in this picture A person I wish I never knew.