I don’t understand


I don’t understand!

How the same thing is wrong for someone,

And for someone it’s the only thing right?

How we decide to love someone, or

To decide whom we fight?


Can you help me?

Because I don’t understand,

Why when I stood up for him,

I fell in the eyes of everyone else?

Why people who said that, they love me

Started to disgust my presence?

Why people who once praised my frank behaviour,

Are the people who now label me as arrogant?


I don’t understand!

Why everyone thinks that they know everything,

When they don’t even know what they want?

Why they want me to live their lies,

When they can clearly see that even they can’t?


Can you help me?

Because maybe I don’t know things like you do.

With all your statistics and science,

Can you help me to figure out?

Who gave us right to decide the fate of others?

How do we decide who will live and who will die?

Why are we so blinded by strength we have, that

We just ignore to hear all those powerless cries?

In this world full of hope and possibilities

Above anything or anyone else,

Why do we choose us?

I don’t understand.

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